Heirloom quality and bespoke hand sewn crafts.....

Hand sewn items for you and your home that are often made from locally sourced vintage fabrics. With a sense of nostalgia and a gentle nod to bygone days, I incorporate traditional crafts such as hand embroidery, quilting and applique into small, often bespoke items that are a pleasure to touch and handle.

Inspired by tales of older relatives, great aunts, nanas, grandmas.... people who are now often gone from our lives but not our hearts, I wanted to make useful pieces from time treasured and hand me down fabrics

Fabric has so much memory and story, and it often gets put away, forgotten about, by using these pieces to create items that get seen and used helps keep those stories and memories alive.

If you have fabric that is precious or that has sentimental value I'm happy to create a custom made piece especially for you.